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Sail Asia Terms & Conditions


Reservations & catering are only confirmed when a non-refundable 50% deposit is received by Sail Asia Ltd. Full payment is required 7 days before ticket/charter date. If full payment is not received, the booking may be cancelled with no refunds

Bookings and payments can be made by:

• Direct Deposit to HSBC account

• Cheque payable to Sail Asia Ltd

• Paypal (2% surcharge)


• In cases of cancellation without rescheduling the 50% deposit that has been paid is non- refundable.

• Refunds will not be made if the booking is cancelled with less than 7 days’ notice.


• In cases of extreme and unsafe weather conditions, we will allow customers to choose a reschedule date. Depending on circumstances, a reschedule fee of up to 25% may apply for costs incurred. Refunds due to weather cancellations will be made at the discretion of Sail Asia.

• If the customer would like to change and reschedule their booking, Sail Asia must be notified in writing at least 7 days in advance. Rescheduling is not permitted with less than 7 days notice.


• The skipper reserves the right to change the planned route in accordance with best safety practice.

• If there is mechanical fault before the boat starts its journey and repair cannot be made on time, the skipper will inform the charterer as soon as possible with a solution or to refund the deposit.

• If there is mechanical failure during the trip, he will return passengers to land.

• Onboard safety is of paramount importance – the skipper reserves the right to return the boat to the shore following dangerous or reckless behavior onboard.


• Whilst we make every effort to facilitate our customers, sometimes we need to postpone or cancel bookings due to unpredicted weather, unexpected equipment failure or unforeseen circumstances. In such a situation the skipper reserves the right to amend or reschedule the event.

• Sailing obviously depends on the direction and strength of the wind and waves. We reserve the right to change the course of an event (including the pick up or drop off point) to take best advantage of the prevailing conditions on the day. We may need to contact you to confirm arrangements.

• Our aim is to offer the best sailing experience possible on the day. This requires some flexibility as we are not in control of the weather!


• Passengers take responsibility for themselves and their personal property. If there is loss of property on the boat, the skipper will not be held responsible.


• The skipper shall not be held liable for death, personal injury, loss or damage to property howsoever arising. Upon boarding you will be required to sign an indemnity form and therefore, you hereby release, to the full extent permitted by state, law and equity, Sail Asia, its directors, employees and agents from all actual and contingent liability in respect of such personal injury, death, loss or damage.

• By chartering with Sail Asia, you acknowledge that photos may be taken of the trip/event and you consent that these photos may be used for promotional purposes by the skipper. If you do not consent, please notify the skipper in writing beforehand. Pictures and videos of Local Hero may not be used for other promotional purposes without written consent.


• The customer agrees to advise the skipper in writing of any medical disability or illness which may adversely affect the ability to participate in the sailing cruise that he has chosen.


• Generally people of all ages can be accommodated but please contact us for further details.


• Whilst every effort will be made by the skipper to give the passengers maximum time on the sea, weather conditions may be such that, in the opinion of the skipper, the yacht or crew may be in danger and in such circumstances the vessel will remain in a place of safety.

• If the weather conditions are such that a prevention of the trip occurs then alternative dates will be offered. Refunds will only be given at the discretion of the skipper.

• If the weather becomes dangerous, the skipper will take over the boat and put the best crew possible on the jobs so as to keep the boat safe and away from danger.

• On the day of charter, the decision to cancel/postpone is wholly the skipper’s call based on safety.

• If tropical typhoon signal 3 or higher or the black rainstorm warning are hoisted at 7.00am on the day of sailing, all trips on that day will be postponed within a time period of 3 months. If a refund is demanded instead, the skipper will refund 50% of the fee.

• If during the charter the tropical typhoon signal 3 is hoisted, the skipper reserves the right to return to the pier early in accordance with the marine ordinances for safety reasons. No compensation will be made for the remaining time unused.