What to Expect

Sailing on Local Hero

Keel Boat Sailing

The weather in Hong Kong allows sailing all year round, ranging from glassy calm to a little bit boisterous in the winter. It’s all good fun and Local Hero can handle these moderate conditions with ease. The boat is stable and occupants of the cockpit rarely get wet. There is a 3700 kg keel below to keep it (mostly!) upright, and the sails can be sized and controlled according to the weather.

Kick off your shoes and sit back to enjoy the ride. The boat ‘heels’ or leans over with the wind and you can feel the acceleration as the sheets are adjusted. It can be enjoyable for 2 to 82 year olds (well, we haven’t had anyone older yet). You can get up and move around the foredeck of the boat when conditions allow or sit in the cockpit or saloon.

Wear sturdy, flat shoes with non-marking soles or plan to go barefoot, just watch your toes on deck! There’s a stocked cooler down below, plenty of places to laze around, and two bathrooms.

For the island lunch trips, we’ll usually sail from around 10 until lunchtime, when we’ll stop for an hour or two at one of a few fresh seafood restaurants south of Hong Kong island. The fresh calamari, steamed scallops, black bean beef, clams, and sweet corn and melo soup can’t be beat. On longer day trips when it’s warm we can stop for a swim or relax at anchor for a while before returning around 5pm.